Ways To Introduce Azerbaijan Baku

Ways To Introduce Azerbaijan Baku

August 16, 2019
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Ways To Introduce Azerbaijan Baku. Azerbaijan is rural in the southern part of the Caucasus. At the crossroads between Southwest Asia and Southeast Europe.

It shares a landscape with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, and Turkey as well as its country. Azerbaijan combines with a strong and great history.

For this reason, in my view, this is the most interesting Caucasian country. In this text, I can give you many reasons for visiting Azerbaijan. 

Introduce Azerbaijan Baku city 

A UNESCO world background site, the old city’s walls show the borders the city used to grow. I tell its oldest building so far from the 11 century.

Hence, this is the way to introduce Azerbaijan Baku.

Although some historians think it would belong to the seventh century. As in any old city, the outstanding thing. You can do is get lost among its covered roads.

But some homes like the Maiden Tower. We even find one of the famous structures in a house in one record.

The tower involves a museum that shows the historical growth of Baku. And you can also climb to the top to view some of the city’s great views.

The opposite building you may omit is the Shirvanshas Palace. Hence, the main attraction of a fifteenth-century mosque. Ways To Introduce Azerbaijan Baku.

The Shirvanshas is the family that ruled the city for 700 years from the 9th to the 16th century. The ancient town is the most interesting of all things to do in Baku.

Another way to introduce Azerbaijan Baku. Check out the Azerbaijan Baku information.

Ateshgah is the only interesting area in Baku. It is often a temple of the heat produced during the 17-18th centuries.

There’s a square pit around the holy fireplace used as a burning place for bodies.
It also introduces Azerbaijan Baku.

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