Vietnam One Week Trip Cost & 1 Week Itinerary

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  • Vietnam One Week Trip Cost & 1 Week Itinerary
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Vietnam One Week Trip Cost & Itinerary:

Vietnam One Week Trip. Golux Tour is the best place to visit when you plan your trip in Vietnam. Regardless of your tastes, here you will find the proper Vietnam 1 week trip packages. Golux Tour can be useful in the series of Vietnamese travel plans whether you are searching for Vietnam packages for a group or a pair, whether you need Vietnam parents ‘ supported packages for your friends or an offbeat Vietnam holidays. Golux Tour provides currently more than 15 one (1) week in Vietnam cost with prices starting at $206.00. Visit a number of routes and choose Vietnam’s flight and non-flight Vietnam One Week Trip.

For More Data About Vietnam One Week Trip:

Your money goes further with our unsurpassed deals and discounts! Do not forget to bring to your chosen Vietnam Tour packages funs and activities. In order to help you find your kind of holiday, we are also curating our Vietnam packages by topic. If you schedule your honeymoon or check for romantic couples packages in Vietnam, or just want to experience an exciting trip with mates, on Golux Tour you can find the right option. If your tour is short or long, soothing and busy, Golux Tour has the best vacation packages for you to choose from. Whatever the kind of travel you want.

Want a luxurious vacation? Check out our travel packages for Vietnam which deliver the finest of Vietnam hotels and inclusions for your holidays. We also put together several guides, such as the best time to visit Vietnam, stuff to do in Vietnam etc, to help you prepare for your holiday in Vietnam.

We also collected some tips regarding Vietnam travel, such as the best time to Vietnam and stuff to do in Vietnam and so on in order to help you plan for your 1 week trip in Vietnam with cost. Please read more!

Places To Visit In Vietnam For One Week Trip:

Vietnam is an awesome country and Vietnam tourism has a number of things to do and places to marvel at. Vietnam has many interesting contrasts. Some of Vietnam’s main places to explore are here. With the aid of your travel agent you can easily pre-book the Vietnam tour for easy travel.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam One Week Trip:

Visit the enchanting Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam for a beautiful and serene encounter. Ha Long Bay is one of Vietnam’s popular places to visit with its emerald green waters and towering limestone tactics that rise from the waters like sea dragons. The Bay includes 2000 islands full of cellars, picturesque beaches and charming towns. One of the largest islands in this area, Cat Ba island, is known for its National Park and offers great trekking options, one of the most prominent tourist spots in Vietnam. There are also scenic caves such as the Hang-Son Doong Cave and the Paradise Cave, another national park named the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. There are also lesser-known beaches in Vietnam, such as Tua Chau, Soi Sim and Tiptop, ideal for sunbathing and wild water sports. Ha Long Bay is famous for honeymoon tours in Vietnam.

Cu Chi Tunnels:

Situated in Ho Chi Minh City, the Cu Chi tunnel network is about 250 kilometers long and was designed as a hiding place for troops during the Vietnam War and the American war. It was established in 1940. The network involves twisting pathways, short branches, many open gates, weapons factory stations, and secret canal and river roads ending at the border of Cambodia. Visiting the tunnels will watch a helpful black and white film, take photos of the massive war vehicles, and try to fire the original guns stored here. This is one of the most famous tours in Vietnam for one week trip in Vietnam cost.

Ninh Binh:

Ninh Binh is one of Vietnam’s most pristine areas and sits southeast of Hanoi. The region is rich in deep gorges, traditional buildings and religious sites. In order to experience the true beauty of Ninh Binh one can take a scenic boat tour along the River and catch amazing views of the paddy fields. Van Long Nature Reserve presents nature lovers with the right scene for their postcard. The Thing Nham Bird Garden gives birdwatchers a large mix of different bird species. Besides the beautiful natural beauty the ancient capital of Vietnam is also host to historic citadels, cathedrals, ruins and temples. Local markets also have shops where you can taste authentic food from Vietnam.

Ba Na Hill, Da Nang:

Bana Hill is one of Vietnam’s popular places, a lovely mountain top resort complex in Da Nang. It provides an exciting range of entertainment options along with a lot of rafting trips. The Golden Bridge is the most popular attraction. Two massive hands of stone rising from the thick woods below carry the structure, giving a spectacular view of the green surroundings. The scenic French village is another popular draw for visitors, and you can drive along the cobble-paved roads past the stunning European style and take photos. Fantasy Park has plenty of wonderful exhibits, crafts and games for fun with the kids. The park can deliver incredible fun experiences and the 3D super 360-degree movie theater.

The Saigon Central Post Office:

A fine example of French colonial design is the Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City. The large building designed between 1886 and 1891 by Alfred Foulhoux has a French architectural style. The polished, yellow colored structure includes arched doors on the inside and intricately built tiles. The walls have two maps, one representing Vietnam, and also one displaying the city of Saigon.

Vietnam one Week Trip With Chua Ong Pagoda, Hoi An:

One of the most popular places to see in Hoi An is the Chua Ong Pagoda, the 17th century, an ancient beauty. In the Chinese architectural style the shrine is dedicated to the brave skilled general Quan Van Truong during the Three Kingdom period. There are four parts of the unique structure of the Pagoda. The main hall is the sculpture of Quan Van Truong, renowned for his excellent craftsmanship and flanked by two sculptures of escorts and two riders. The Pagoda also exhibits ancient artifacts and sculptures.

Golux Tour is the best place to visit when you plan a trip to Vietnam. Whatever your taste for flying, here you can find the right Vietnam 1 Week Trip Cost & Itinerary. Golux Tour will help you solve your Vietnam path, no matter whether you’re searching for packages in Vietnam for family or pair, accompanied Vietnam tour packages for your parents or offbeat Vietnam for yourself.

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Tour Details:

Number of Nights: 7

Rate: Adult- 931 USD

Child Rate:Infant FOC | child (2-11) 466 USD

Cities covered: Hanoi | Saigon

Now that, the trip cost includes:
  • Transfers from and to!!
  • In addition, meals throughout the ride. (Frühstück, brunch, lunch, cups of coffee and tea). You even stay in hotels with a family setting during your vacation. Down jacket, sleeping bags, a kit and hiking map all season. Then you need a jacket, a bedding bag and a pillow after the trip is over.
  • First Aid Medical Kit.
    (However, we recommend that you treat the medical kit to the greatest extent we can.)
  • All licenses and documents required in the meantime.
The Trip Cost Excludes:
  • Visa Charges
  • Hotel costs (although the costs contain some hotel packages)
  • Your travel and medical insurance
  • Meat, a restaurant, a hot shower, web, recycling, candy are included.
  • Food and housing agency / agent not established or facilities given
  • Urgent prices, such as aircraft chartering.


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Day 8:

Price:$840.00 $653.00

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