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Summer Island Resort… It’s got a great quality to it, doesn’t it? Everybody loves the summer, everybody loves the island. So totally everyone would like to head to the Maldives! So, there a place referred to as the Summer Island Resort vacation packages? Sure, sure it does, and it’s pretty amazing. The Maldives ‘ honeymoon during summer Island is just what all the newlyweds need. Summer Island Resort!

Activities on the Summer Island Resort

There are several day trips to the “Summer Island Resort.” Nonetheless, we very enjoyed our sandbank island excursion. During which we took the speedboat to a jetty lying in the middle of the harbor.

The Water

The main purpose we wanted to visit the Maldives in the first area is to take photos. Just look at the water here. The island has a barrier that runs along the edge of the island, holding the waves steady. As well as the water offers over five shades of blue sunshine. I might want to look out at the seas around the island all the time.


Like the highest sites in the Maldives, the diving is pretty ridiculous. We jumped in the water with the island’s dive shop, Overland Maldives, for a really nice swim. As quickly as we jumped in, we came down to a group of 26 eagle rays lightly sailing through. Eagle rays of all the rays look so stylish and easy beneath the water. In addition, at the dive, we ran into sharks, turtles, and a bunch of colorful reef fish.

The Water Bungalows | Summer Island Resort vacation packages

There are 20 private water villas in the hotel’s quiet, reaching out to the aqua blue seas around the area. When I woke up every day in this kind of villas for the rest of my days, I guess I’d be all right with that. I am knitting the villas with a catcher bottom window to the ocean where you can watch fish swim by day or night. Outside each bungalow is a sun deck with recliners to chill in the heat, seeing the clean waters.

The Barefoot Dock way of life

I don’t want to get back to wearing shoes Summer Island is a small, sand-covered island, and shoes are certainly unnecessary. The shortest stroll is from the pier to the lake, and that’s the way I like it.


Summer Island Resort honeymoon offers! However, it is quite fitting to be framed by a snorkeling coral right here. During the various snorkeling treks, we find a massive 200-pound tuna. The white signs of reef sharks, a lot of clownfish anemones and a whole array of vivid reef fish. All of this is just a few quick kicks off the shores of the Summer Island Resort vacation packages. Besides, the reef across the island is a mix of natural reef systems hooked up to inspire natural coral growth. If you love snorkeling, try to spend a few nights at Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon. They’ve got an amazing residence coral.

The Hammock | Summer Island Resort offers

Roughly 100 meters from the sea within shallow calm waters lies a hammock held by two pillars. One of the nice places to be on the entire island is softly rocked back and forth in a hammock with the ocean. Finally, it would be the right place for a day’s nap if the tides are right!


Being a tiny little white sand island, it’s perfect for every sunrise and sunset. As stunning as sunrise may be, we’re more sun-down human beings, it’s better suited for our time. You could find us in the first-rate sunset area on the island every night. I suspended the wooden bar over the water. The western bar has front row seats for the nightly display of colors here on the “Summer Island Resort.”

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  • 4* Resort
  • 4 Days 3 Nights
  • Garden Room
  • Halfboard Meal Plan
  • Transfer by Speedboat
  • Rate Validity Jan-April

Special Offer

Honeymoon Benefits:

  • A bottle of wine upon arrival
  • A Fruit Basket in the room
Note: The resort should be notified of the honeymoon when the reservation is made, and the couple should be married within the last 6 months.
Rate Per Person 664 $

Price:$1,000.00 $664.00

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