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Riu Atoll Maldives! We should hide the fact that one of our dream places for 2020 in the Maldives. As we have already mentioned in previous events. This is our first revel in those beautiful and heavenly islands where I guarantee your rest. Over the last few months, we’ve shown you the look and sound of these new facilities. How often the research in design is moving along and their reputable start. But do you know what to do in your life in the Maldives? We carry all the icons from our chain to Riu Atoll Maldives vacation packages. So you can feel completely at home. Our entertainment group is looking forward to your launch! Riu Atoll Maldives!

What to do inside the Maldives with RIU?

If you realize, our goods and services are not now being moved from one location to the next. As well as the Maldives are not of any kind. As a result, visiting this area with the “Riu Atoll Maldivesgives you a notable joy. And it can be a dream you don’t want to abandon by, anyway.


Are you journeying with kids? Fear not, they too will share a little slice of heaven with young RiuLand leaders. That also, as you no doubt already know, means a lot of fun for the youngest of us every day of the week! You will be able to bask in the sounds and serenity that this tourist spot will offer you. As well as the regular events are planned by the resort for adults.

RiuFit program

Even though you’re living in a land of rest, there’s no longer any reason to stay in shape. We need you to use your mind but in addition to being aware of your structure. So while you get lower back down, no one feels you’ve just been out of the heat all day. And what’s our mystery, exactly? Look only at our RiuFit activities in the Maldives. With a specially built a place where you can rest in shape and keep alive. You may be the envy of the whole workplace when you get home!

Water sports activities | Riu Atoll Maldives vacation packages

Riu Atoll Maldives all-inclusive package! Could you find kayaking in the clear waters of the Maldives? When you come to RIU, you will float along the azure waters at the same time as you work your mind and body. It’s almost too precise for the words! What’s more, we’re still showing you the danger of going on a brake. Or have a pass to stand up Paddle Surf (SUP) in a unique place. If diving in the depths of the ocean has always baffled you. Why don’t you take a dive school class now? Who’s not associated with the hotel, to check out what’s lost in the ocean’s bottom. You might even have uncovered a lost gem.

The Maldives with the aid of night time in RIU

Earlier than having dinner, we urge you to take time to ponder the skyline and enjoy the lovely sunset. What’s the best way to stop the day? Not everyone will suddenly mention that they’ve seen the sun go down over the Maldives. We have a wonder in a hold for you as long as the day has ended. Definitely, you must have seen a seashore party on TV, so you thought about going sometime. Rather than just looking at them on the screen, we’re putting this bask to you so that your nights are more unique. All of us are welcome to our spa.

What is there to consume inside the Maldives?

In addition, we’re adding your culinary delights to this paradise. So there’s no need to fear that you will eat coconuts more successfully for the rest of your career. You can enjoy our most coveted eateries in each of our inns. These are typical of the array of buffets with a stay of cooking and theme days 3 times a week. At the Riu Atoll Hotel, our guests will dine at the cafe “Beef Steak Residence” and the Italian place “Sofia.” In addition, we have our “Boduberu” living room bar with an azure sea, a sports bar, and the “Sunshine” pool bar. You can enjoy “Krystal” at the Riu Palace Maldives hotel, the Hawker stall “Tu Hi” and the “Paradise” pool bar.

Riu Atoll Maldives vacation packages! And the first class of all? I design all motels to sit back in the area where you can rest and relax in a cocktail. Do you like what we’ve planned for you? Paradise is much more than just white sand and shimmering seas. Once you’ve finished your vacation check and your tan is coming along properly, at our hotels. You may also rejoice in the full enjoyment that has been planned for you. It’s time for us to visit the “Riu Atoll Maldives” this summer!

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  • 4* Resort
  • 4 Days 3 Nights
  • Double Room Ocean Front
  • All-Inclusive Meal Plan
  • Transfer by Seaplane
  • Rate Validity Jan-April

Special Offer -Honeymoon

  • Booking Window: 01st Jan 2019 – 31st Oct 2020 Stay Period: till 31st Oct 2020
  • Minimum Stay: 4 Nights
Honeymooners offer: 15% off not cumulative with any other offers.
Rate Per Person $ 1138

Price:$1,250.00 $1,138.00

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