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Kuredu Island Resort Spa. If you’re planning a vacation with kids in the Maldives. So Kuredu Island Resort & Spa vacation packages need to be extreme on your list. Honestly, there’s nothing more you could need to finish your dream Maldives trip. It’s the same Maldives own family excursion. On entry, you will be driven off to the marina and led to the island and the whitest white beaches. The drumming and clapping workers will accept you. And it’s a perfect welcome to the start of your adventure at Kuredu Island Resort Spa.

About the Kuredu Island Resort Spa Island:

“Kuredu Island Resort Spa.”  That said, it’s not that large yet, and it takes about an hour to walk around. Additionally, I share 3 motels on the island and amenities where necessary. The reverse baths were 12 + and the people are the handiest. Yet Kuredu’s waterfront pool is more than enough for children. And there might be a small swimming pool right next to it. And of course, you can swim anywhere!


Kuredu Island resort spa wedding anniversary offers! We slept in a luxury suite at the Jacuzzi Beach Villa. One of the most common on the island, because they may be right on the shore! In reality, you’re moving from your space to the seaside. I may open the doorways at dawn each morning and walk a few steps for a swim in the ocean. Hey, Bliss! The bathroom is out of the door and tells – who doesn’t enjoy the outside bath?! There’s also a daybed and spa where we enjoyed a huge bubble tub.


Even here in the hotel, there are all-inclusive services in Kuredu Island. That could just be beneficial, as the whole thing is already organized for you. Here you can take a look at them. We had full board, and all day, it’s a variety of meals. Besides to afternoon tea, there are so many fine recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The table is the best place to eat – the surface is sand. The group of workers is extremely aware. As well as the variety and a variety of fresh food – such as my favorite Maldivian breakfast – is great. And the iconic style of this house. As well as, there are a lot of areas for visitors, as there are basic eating places for food. So it doesn’t sound busy or packed.

The Beach Eating Place | Kuredu Island Resort & Spa vacation packages:

We were having a birthday dinner here at the Beach Restaurant. And with no problems, it turned into one of the first-class meals I had. I say you believe – our desk actually turns into the sand on the seashore, lit by the candlelight and under the stars. It has become a first-rate place, complemented by great dishes and wine. You must dine right here when you visit Kuredu Island. I had chicken chops, and I had roasted lobster (and to be perfectly honest, I never like a lobster, and it turned into AMAZING!). Suma’s provider, our waiter, became perfect. And the feeling has totally changed into something new – it’s a must while you’re heading to Kuredu.

Bike lease and water sports activities:

Kuredu Island Resort & Spa vacation packages! We used bicycles and flew around the island – a lot of fun. But, if you’re not used to riding yet, you face a sore butt! There are lots of water sports activities to try. From snorkeling and scuba for sale and rowboats and paddleboarding.

Turtles! Island snorkeling and residence reef:

The island is home to 160 tortoises. And you will be very unhappy not to see a few of them when you snorkel out at the main seaside and residence reef. We saw four of us on our first snorkel along with this amazing oldie. We have recorded the reef sharks in front of our villa. In fact, this resort is remarkable for marine lifestyles, especially for turtles! Everybody needs to see the tortoises!


Like a magnet, every day the sandbar drew us to it. A long white tail of sand stretching out from the neglect of the island. It’s so pretty far. The white sand is so bright that I lap it on both sides of crystal clear water. If you want to laze nearby, there are sunbeds and an outstanding love wheel. But you want to laze nearby, there are sunbeds and an outstanding love wheel.

The Nursery:

There is a positive part of the island of Kuredu known as the nursery. It’s where baby sharks and stingrays come to grow. It’s really awesome to look like little black-tipped reef sharks gliding past. We liked the nursery, and it’s a great place for youngsters to develop their interest in marine life.

Sai Kotari | Kuredu Island:

Kuredu Island resort spa offers! In the evenings, go out to Sai Kotari for drinks and chocolates at the stoop of the quay. As well as a beautiful night vision of the ocean. Seats ignore the lake from which I’ve seen a big spotlight. Besides, you can see whales, turtles, and rays move by you. On the way look inside the water around the shark ships. Check out the bioluminescence on the left side of the sandy quay. ” Kuredu Island Resort Spa!

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  • 4* Resort
  • 4 Days 3 Nights
  • Garden Bungalow
  • Meal Plan Fullboard
  • Transfer by Seaplane
  • Rate Validity Jan -March

Special Offer -Honeymoon & Anniversary 

  • Complimentary fruit plate, a bottle of sparkling wine and flowers in room upon arrival.
Rate Per Person 1044 $

Price:$1,245.00 $1,044.00

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