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People who like dry weather will like Cairo. Cairo experiences dry weather year-round. Winter, spring and fall are fairly mild times of the year. However, in April, it is very hot and there are sandy “Khamsin” (hot, violent winds) desert winds, followed by scorching summers. The average summer temperature is 98° F (37° C) and the average winter temperature is 47° F (8° C). Most buildings and homes have air conditioning.

Cairo is as ancient as history itself, but also showcases a modern flare. Its uniqueness is unexplainable until seen with monuments dating back to four different historical periods: the Pharaonic, the Roman, the Christian and the Islamic. People who enjoy history will love Cairo!

In order to enter Egypt, citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States need to provide a passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended length of stay, a visa, and a return or onward ticket are required. Nationals of Bahrain, Djibouti, Guinea, Libya, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen do not need a visa for visits of up to 90 days.

All other citizens of countries not referenced above need to provide a passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended length of stay, a visa, and a return or onward ticket.

All visitors must register within seven days of arrival. This can be done at most hotels, any police station or at the Mugamma building in Cairo’s Tahrir Square-where they are very well prepared to deal with foreign tourists. Every visitor must bring a passport with them when they register. These requirements are always subject to change so checking with the embassy or consulate of the visitor’s home country is recommended.

There are two kinds of Visas available. A Tourist Visa is usually valid for a period not exceeding three months and granted on either a single or multiple entry basis. A Business Visa is required for any foreigner arriving in Egypt for purposes other than tourism, e.g. work, study, etc. The possession of a valid Entry Visa is needed to complete the residence procedure in Egypt.


Day 1: Private tour at Khan el Khalili Bazaar

Depends on the arrival time  Optional or on Request

No trip to Cairo is completed without a visit to the city’s most notorious Khan el Khalili bazaar located in the Islamic section of the old Cairo. This colorful open bazaar is filled with unique and exotic items from spices, perfumes to jewelry & Souvenirs.

After the tour you can retire to your hotel as you will begin your historical site visits next day.


Day 2: Pyramids of Giza

Our tour guide will pick up you from the hotel after breakfast to drive you to Pyramids of Giza. It is a 5 Km drive from the hotel. You will visit the Pyramids of Khufu or Chepos is the oldest and the largest of the three Pyramids. The Pyramid of Khafre or of Chephren the second tallest and the second largest and Pyramid of Menkaure the smallest of all three Pyramids.

Then proceed to visit the Great Sphinx, the tour also includes a visit to the Valle

Temple of Khafre, which belongs to the Pyramids of Chephren.

Move to visit the Step Pyramid of Zoser. After that transfer to Memphis which was founded by King Menes, and was the capital of Old Egypt during the Old Kingdom, and see the Statue of Ramses II.

Optional or on Request After the tour you can attend the Sound & Light show in the Pyramids in the evening or If you’re romantically-inclined, then you’ll be looking for a different way to explore Cairo, especially in the evenings. And a night horse carriage ride may be just what you’ve been looking for! After all, there’s probably no better way to explore downtown Cairo under the moonlit sky, as the ride will be slow and meticulous.  Then retire to your hotel in Cairo.


Day 3: Egypt Museum

After Breakfast we will take you to the Egypt museum which features artifacts from the Pharaonic period.  This will consume the first half of the day as there are more than 120,000 artifacts to see.

Bayt Al-Suhaymi

Then we will visit the Bayt Al-Suhaymi – or House of Suhaymi – is a historical house museum dating back to the Ottoman era. The old house was built in 1648 A.D. along the Al-Darb al-Asfar alley.Since 2000, the museum house has been open to visitors. Bayt Al-Suhaymi hosts a number of artistic and cultural activities that aim to preserve the Egyptian musical heritage and Egyptian folklore. You can visit it for about 35 Egyptian Pounds ($2) and even less if you are a student.

Optional or on Request After the tour you can retire to the hotel or drop by the Cairo Jazz club. Don’t think that just because Cairo is such an old city that it doesn’t have many of the trappings and entertainment options of modern cities. In fact, Cairo is chockfull of trendy nightclubs and bars that wouldn’t be out of place in most western countries. The Cairo Jazz Club is just such a venue, which offers patrons the very best of local and international music. Get ready to party your socks off with your favorite beverage in hand.


Day 4: Citadel of Salah El Din

Our guide will pick you from the hotel after breakfast to enjoy a spiritual day tour to the Islamic and Coptic sites in Cairo. First, see the Citadel of Salah El Din a medieval islamic fortification in Cairo.One of the world’s greatest monuments to medieval warfare. The prominent fortress houses three mosques of which the impressive mohammed Ali Mosque – a carriage museum,a military museum and a garden museum. The citadel is also home to the impressive Gawhara palace (Jewel place)

After that you will move to Old Coptic Cairo to visit the Hanging Church officially called the church of the virgin Mary , then Saint sergius and Bacchus church also known as  Abu Serga Church and Synagogue. It is one of the oldest coptic churches in Egypt, dating back to the 4th century.


Day 5: Cave Church, Garbage City & The City of the Dead In Cairo

Cave Church Cairo also known as Saint Simon monastery. It located in the Mokattam mountain in southeastern Cairo, Egypt. In fact, the church is in an area which known as “garbage city”. … Moreover, The Cave church Cairo is a church where 20,000-plus Christians gather every week. It is to worship and praise Jesus.

Cairo attracts visitors from around the world for its historical and cultural heritage, but there is another side to the city. Manshiyat Naser, also called Cairo’s Garbage City, is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Cairo. It is a place where the inhabitants are trying to create an economy out of the things that other people throw away. The origin of Cairo’s Garbage City’s Zabbaleen goes back to farmers who started to migrate from Upper Egypt in the 1940s as a result of poverty and poor harvest. Initially, they started by raising animals like pigs, chickens, and goats, then they ended up collecting and sorting the city’s garbage as they found it more profitable.

The city of the Dead , is a true curiosity, it is a cemetery, but also a city of the living. Originally, Cairo’s rulers selected the area for their tombs outside the crowded medieval city in a location that was mostly desert. However, dating back to early pharaonic times, Egyptians have not thought of cemeteries as places of the dead, but rather places where life begins. Hence, tombs were often thought of as places to entertain, and guest facilities for visitors were often appended to the tombs. So it came to be that squatters as early as the 14th century took up residence in the tombs, living easily alongside the dead. Cenotaphs are now used as tables and clothing lines are strung between headstones.  It is a 4 miles (6.4 km) long (north-south) dense grid of tomb and mausoleum structures, where some people live and work amongst the dead. Some reside here to be near ancestors, of recent to ancient lineage


Day 6: Departure

Breakfast at the hotel or  Optional or on request you can go to
Al Azhar Park for a picnic. The public park offers a view of the mosque of Mohommed Ali Pasha and Fstimid Cairo. Our representative will transfer you to the airport 2 hours earlier and assist you at the airport through final departure formalities.


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