Red Sea Diving Better In Less Time

Red Sea Diving Better In Less Time

Red Sea Diving Better In Less Time.  Egypt and the Red Sea must be on the register for each diver. With any such wealthy combination of ancient Egyptian records and big diving. This is a holiday place that should not ignore.

One of the main water bodies on Earth, red sea diving pictures, is a wonderful diving land. This center jap location is lovable with hundreds of fine dive locations. 

Because of a broad range of amazing dive websites around Egyptian territory. A live-aboard is a good choice to scuba dive into the red sea.

On a liveboard, you’ll see a wider range of dive websites and dive sites that can’t be reached with day ships.

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The great places of the red sea to diving in less time

Whether you’re planning to dive in the Northern, Crucial or Southern Red Sea of Egypt. Similarly, there are full of places to explore.

There are several quality diving fields inside the Red Sea right here, from ruins to reefs and walls. 


Occasionally known as the world’s first-rate wreck dive. We discover the Northern Red Sea Thistle gorm.

The ruin is 420 feet long and in its earlier life; it has become a British shipping ship. In 1941, a German air assault dropped her.

And stayed a museum of underwater documents full of jeeps, and other transport WWII.

As a result, using live-board or an evening trip from Sharm El Sheikh can reach the Thistlegorm.


Ras Mohammed Scenery Park, a rich underwater habits and rain forests, is a famous Red Sea area for divers. To clarify, I locate the blanketed region at the intersection between the Suez Ocean and the Aqaba Gulf. 


A famous live place onboard holiday place in the Egyptian Red Sea’s main section.
The Islands of the Brothers are two small islands about five minutes apart.

Therefore, shark diving across the brothers is particularly true. And surrounded by strong disks and the usually deep rock plain.

Silver tips and gray reef sharks are visiting the area. Every so often, I can see hammerheads swimming from the deep.


Famous for the sight of sea white tip sharks. However, I place Elphinstone in the southern Red Sea near Marsa Alam.

The island is suitable dive websites within the region with partitions and plateaus. Lovers of Gorgon cover the deep walls and chase trevallies on the plateaus.

Similarly, find out Elphinstone through live diving in the Red Sea of Egypt. 

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