Lombok 4 Days 3 Nights Itinerary

December 24, 2019
Lombok Tour Packages
Lombok 4 days 3 nights Itinerary
Lombok 4 days 3 nights Itinerary

Lombok 4 days 3 nights Itinerary: I will render the first item of the day-by-day itinerary of what I suggest. Then below that, I will come up with exciting news for every kind of pastime and scenery. Finally, I’ve listed inside the Lombok 4 days 3 nights itinerary. This way, you will decide whether there are areas you’d like to skip or a few. You could actually determine that you can’t miss it. In addition, I will add advice on your practice in a few facilities along with the way the scenes are. Subscribe to this Lombok 4 days 3 nights Itinerary blog.

Lombok 4 Days Itinerary

Things To Do In Bali/ Lombok

Bali travel guide for first-timers 2018! However, I locate Senaru in the north of Lombok. ( what to do in Bali ) This is a small town where max trekkers are based in the past and after their trekking adventures. I arrived in Lombok by ferry and headed north with three different pals. You have a few options from the port to get to Senaru. Our taxi was worth 400,000 rupiahs or USD 34, and it wasn’t too hard to break up. You can also rent a motorbike on the pier, though. The airport is also south, and the taxi charged our friend 500,000 rupiahs as much as Senaru.

Lombok 4 days 3 nights Itinerary

How Many Days Do You Need In Lombok

You might spend a month here, and now you haven’t seen half of the waterfalls or secret seashores. Nonetheless, most passengers do not have a full month on their palms. I stayed on 7 days in Bali and controlled to match in all the adventures you can locate below. The most important issues to note are the exclusive areas of Lombok. I ran to the north, where you’ll find some waterfalls and build yourself on a trek to Mount Rinjani. Then I spent the afternoon in Lombok to test our rice-subject points of view and waterfalls.

However, advocate for these activities for at least 5 days in Bali. Subsequently, because you came from three days to every week to the south. It would be a great deal of time to get a moped and ride up and down the coast. My stated total time to explore five days in Bali, but three to four weeks might be preferable.

Sendang Gile Waterfall | Best Places In Bali /Lombok

Things to do in Bali for honeymooners! Sendang Gile has become a great addition to our plans. We knew we were going to the waterfall of Tiu Kelep. But I decided it on the route that the road actually takes you to every other waterfall. Sendang Gile has become the first-rate enchantment in his self. Though it’s likely to be outshining all the time through Tiu Kelep, which is across the nook. Sendang Gile is an intense, gradient waterfall that flows down into a shallow river. It was certainly one of my dream, sudden things to do in Bali with family.

Tiu Kelep Waterfall | Lombok 4 Days 3 Nights Itinerary

How to travel Bali? Tiu Kelep is the most popular waterfall in Lombok. Through Sendang Gile, you’ll ride the river for 15 minutes. Take walks through the river regularly and create several crosses along the way. You’ll land anywhere in an elegant amphitheater of fog flowing. It’s one of the most magical places I’ve ever been and really up there with one of the Bali | 7 Places You Have To Visit. Waterfalls burst out of the roof. After which I pour a huge vertical gushing drift down with extreme force over the top of all of them. Be careful to swim under the waterfalls. As a few people are getting into a scramble and sinking into the intense pull of the waterfall impact zone.

Hiking Up Pergasingan Hill

Bali in 8 Days with Wanderlands Travel! Pergasingan Hill is an impressive view at the top of a 1-hour steep climb in the north of Lombok. The path is ideal for most climbers and provides many outstanding resources in all of Lombok! It’s a first-class performance for sunrise or sundown. And with the aid of a trekking book, you could even sleep at the tip. I situate Pergasingan Hill in Sembalun, close Mount Rinjani. In addition, you’re skipping the release spot for Mount Rinjani Trek. And in fact, a large volcano appears on the other side of the valley at some stage in the Pergasing Hill Trek. It is important to spot that the nearby request for this trek is named Bukit Pergasingan. This is what Pergansingan Hill says in ‘Lombok 4 days 3 nights Itinerary.’

7 days itinerary for Bali! That the sun had poured into the valley and the waters had actually been bursting. Fog included the countryside and the base of the mountains. While the morning light built nice shadows in the hole of the pointy ridges of the rolling hills.

Camping On Pergasingan Hill

After camping on Pergasingan Hill, I got here in a small village from the rear, hopefully, an hour up. It took us 2.5 hours to work our way across the mountain. You can find this non-public access point more easily at the rear of the houses with tour guides. The porters brought the tents, the provisions, the water system. Also, we held our personal property just as we did on Mount Rinjani. At the meeting, the publications set up the camp and cooked meals. It’s a luxurious camping spot so we didn’t understand it. It was going to be awesome, even though it took us room to rejoice in the views and find a bit.

We had a bonfire at night and an amazing sunrise in the morning. In case you have the room to camp right here, it’s a great place to stay overnight. There are tons of small areas to discover, and there is a huge delight in them. My first trip was great, but tenting turned 10x better.


On our task in “Lombok 4 days 3 nights Itinerary.” Lombok’s area has changed into lucky enough to try Paragliding on Prabu Mountain. The view from the hill itself turned into an amazing, and it got better than soon as we were in the air. I’ve never done paragliding before, but if you don’t know what it is. Essentially, you’re sitting in a belt tied to the manual/professional! You’re doing a little sprint down the hill. And then the wind picks up your glider and all the amaze that you’re in the air. It’s not a high-stress draw, and it’s definitely pretty fun when you ride up and down the coast with great views.

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