Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary

December 21, 2019
Jakarta Tour Packages
Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary
Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary

Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary: The whole travel to your flight to Indonesia in Jakarta. In addition, we’ll welcome you to the Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary. What to see in Jakarta? Indonesian model parks, Bogor Botanical Garden, Gong Factory, and Bandung attractions. Plus, Tangkuban Perahu Volcano Spring in Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary.

Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour reviews

Holiday tour and travel Jakarta. However, you might revel in training skyscrapers alternated with historic buildings. For eg, it is ‘ Monas ‘ or the National park as a credit score for the Betawi group as an icon in the town of Jakarta. Near the center of the metropolis, you might visit a range of museums that might be heritage sites.

  • Dutch colonial generation,
  • Together with the Fatahillah Museum,
  • Batik Museum, Wayang Museum,
  • Elephant Museum, and others.

Such museums act as a mirror image of a trip through the time of the great. Besides, a fantastic appearance in the Bandung tour package Jakarta holiday tour.

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Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary

Sunda Kelapa| What To Do In Indonesia

In the days of antiquity, the marine dealers were still a vital and successful port city. Besides, it used to trade spices and to distinguish goods from long-distance areas. Today, the lively urban fish market (Pasar Ikan) is miles away. First-rate toured early in the morning to see the action. A famous fortress, a place to buy and sell, a stove in Sunda Kelapa Harbor. So, having this one of the Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour packages has to give.

Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) | A Day In Jakarta

The series of 140 reefs, virtually sterile, spread across the Java Sea to the north of Jakarta. Besides, it offers a serene getaway from the bustling metropolis of life. White sandy beaches lined the coast with coconut palms. As well as the surrounding waters are a haven for snorkeling so scuba diving.


Puncak way “height” is the best land on the slope of Mount Gede Pangrango. However, the highland links the city of Bogor with the city of Bandung. Additionally, I find the high degree on the Puncak bypass with an altitude of about 1500 m. As well as I situate this area roughly 85 km south of the city of Jakarta. It requires around 2 to 2.5 hours to make use of the central Jakarta on a weekday. Puncak Bandung tour package Jakarta holiday is a famous tour region for Jakarta’s humans.

A lot of visitors from Jakarta spend their weekends in this highland area every weekend. That’s why Puncak has a good visit on a weekday. I can reach the highland without issues by using a car from Jakarta. If you don’t have a car, you can take a bus or use us to drive you there. When we have built an alliance, our motive force will pick you up from your position in Jakarta, Bogor, or Bekasi.

Someday Tour In Puncak

When you’ve only got time surrounding with Jakarta Puncak Bandung tour package. So, Puncak is the real handiest wish. Travel guide Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour is a first-rate tour to be done on a weekday. Because visitors to the site can take part in weekends (Saturday-Sunday) and excursions. As a result, there is a one-way system every weekend and every holiday.

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Not now many places can now be reached on a Jakarta holiday tour packages. On an afternoon drive from Jakarta or the city of Bogor, you may want to see some of the most important places for you. Recommended sites that you can go I can read to in the next chapter below were to transfer to Puncak? Places to go to are completely bendy, depending on your pastimes and time permits. You could also pair the ‘Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary.’

Bandung excursion | Harga Bus Wisata Bandung

Bandung’s trip is famous for its wide range of foods, decent looking for clothes, and calm highland air. A wide variety of retail and drinking sites, from joyful stores to simple avenue side stalls. Bandung is a 2.5-hour drive through the Cipularang Toll Road. Or if you choose a longer yet extra scenic route via Puncak (mountain pass). Lembang and the Bosscha Planet Observatory! Climb up the hill to the volcanic crater of Tangkuban Perahu. However, this is the most powerful volcano on the island! Go to the local Ciater Hot Springs lodge to soak in the hot mineral water baths. Or Patenggang Lake in the south, surrounded by tea plantations. Kawah Putih (White Crater), near the vegetable-producing town of Ciwidey. However, it is a ready hour drive south from Bandung.

Bandung West Java

Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary! However, I situate it 768 meters above sea level and 180 kilometers southeast of Jakarta. It’s known as the ‘ Paris van Java ‘ because of its tree-lined plazas and the art of its human beings. The city gained huge fame through its first Asia-Africa conference in 1955. That, together with the leaders of 29 Asian and African major markets, came to sell money. Yet cultural ties and a popular stance in response to colonialism.

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Things to do in Bandung | Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour

Mount Tangkuban Perahu

I situate it in Bandung exactly in Lembang, north of Bandung city. The form of the mountain is the wrong way to get to the ferry. It’s got craters; I give the best call to Kawah Ratu (Queen Crater) and the second is Kawah Domas. You should cook the egg inside the sulfuric water inside the crater.

Kawah Putih (White Crater)

After Mount Tangkuban Perahu, White Crater or Kawah Putih in Indonesia. Additionally, these are the next events of the Bandung. If you’re a nature lover, I need to explore the Ciwidey White Crater. I meet the crater with water that has bright colors like a light, amateur or smooth brown. This is the volcano crater, so be alert when you go to the site.

Farmhouse Lembang

If you are carrying your child with you, you can invite them to visit Farmhouse Lembang. There are so many good spots for selfies, so biking across the city is also a strange pleasure. However, Farmhouse Lembang is just like mini France of Indonesia.

Glamping Lakeside and Pinisi Resto

Why do we include this online glamping page and the resto? This is because of the new concept of the ” Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package Itinerary.” If you can’t do glamping or feeding more successfully. You may explore this region by finding the Pinisi ship of Indonesia. In the form of a rest and a one-day stay at Lembang in Glamping Lakeside Rancabali.

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