Istanbul Best Travel Plan To Boost You

Istanbul Best Travel Plan To Boost You

August 17, 2019
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Istanbul Best Travel Plan To Boost You! Here are many of the best routes to help you as much sightseeing as possible. But you need to put the time in Turkey.

Meanwhile, Turkey has so much to need, whether you have an Istanbul tour in 3 days.

Blue Mosque, Istanbul Travel Plan To Boost You

The “Blue Mosque”, Sultan Ahmed Masjid is one of Istanbul’s most tourist places. Istanbul travel plan to boost you.

In the reign of Ahmed, they built between 1609 and 1616. Because of blue tiles that beautify the environment.

However, this includes a Sultan’s tomb, a madrasah (religious college) and a hospice.

Despite being a well-known object of tourism. Nevertheless, it acts like a mosque, and a name for prayer (azan) attracts the truthful far and large in its doors. 

The mosque is not always open to visitors five times per day of prayer, usually available 24 hours a day. It’s open for about half an hour during that time. Unless they’re waiting here.

In addition, Hagia Sophia and surrounded by a famous tourist area. The mosque’s site tourists can enjoy many museums, cafes, restaurants, and parks in the area. Istanbul travel plan to boost you.

The mosque itself was first built on the old Roman royal palace. This Ottoman design classic features of Islamic art and decorates its interior walls. 

Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) in Istanbul

This large structure becomes an Orthodox patriarchal basilica. Then a mosque is now finally a museum in Istanbul city. As a result, the Istanbul travel plan to boost you.

They transformed it into the unique as a church built in the fourth century by Constantine. And it’s seen lots of Istanbul’s turning governing forces.

Because of the fact, many confuse it as connected to St. Sofia. But they truly gave committed the church to the second personality of the Holy Trinity.

And its total Greek name is “Holy View of God Place of worship,” with Sophia meaning “skills.”

The church holds many sacramental before I took it over by way of the Ottoman Turks in 1435.

Through Sultan Meh med II, further, it turned into a mosque and stayed a mosque for the next 500 years. Istanbul travel plan to boost you.

Among the most outstanding examples of Opaque architecture is Islamic society. Hagia Sophia, declare in 1985 as the world heritage page of UNESCO.

It houses many decorations that make it unique. And popular of its lovely carvings that improve the whole structure.  Istanbul travel plan to boost you.

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In conclusion, Spice Bazaar in Istanbul

What to buy here: Olive Oil soap made from herbal fitness and beauty products is growing in Turkey.

This fashion combines homemade olive oil soaps with the centuries-old hammam culture. Therefore, enjoy some of the best handmade soaps in the industry.

Hence, to create lovely bars of soap for different skin, soap makers mix excessive oil.

An excellent place to buy across the Galata Bridge from the Ancient Spice bazaar.  That is to say, an Istanbul travel plan to boost you.

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