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Green Paradise Enjoyful Holiday Vacation! Indonesia

July 6, 2019
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Indonesia is the world’s largest island nation. Indonesia Green Paradise Enjoyful Holiday has more than 17,000 islands that are all tropic moods. Because Indonesia is placed along the circle.

An Indonesia Intresting Places:

As a country in a tropic mood with twinkle sunshines all year round. Indonesia has full natural wealth. As proved by the rate of variation in both land and marine life on the Indonesian earth.

Central Indonesia (Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Islands, until Maluku) is a typical part. Because it has endemic fauna that can only be found there, like the Comodo dragon and the babi rusa.

Indonesia also has many amusing places that can visit. Whether it has been professionally cared like a tourist island of Bali, Bunaken, and the Togean. As well as other exciting places that have not grown to the highest content to attract domestic and global tourism. Like the Sempu, Raja Ampat Islands broke up in the middle of Indonesia until the other islands broke up.

The Green Paradise Enjoyful Holiday vacation Specials:

Indonesia is a green paradise enjoyful holiday for sport fishing hobbyist. Specially the central Indonesian seas, such as banda and halmahera sea. Which has lots of fish, specially fish that got the icon of the fisher, the fish is blue marlin.

Many distinctive customs and cultures found in Indonesia. Such as Ngaben (cremation) festivals in Bali, kasada festival at Mount Bromo. Whale hunting is only by using a spear in flowers, until dying in Papua.

Sea around the Raja Ampat islands is also the richest in the world’s oceans. This is proved by the amount of fresh species exposed there by scientists. Such as shark species that move by using their fins as “legs” to walk on the seabed.

Amazing Indonesia!

In fact, Indonesia is an amazing nation that has no equal in terms of wildlife, cultural and ethnic.

Musicians Bimbo said in his song that presents Indonesia’s natural riches like this:

Not ocean just a pool of milk
Spears and nets enough makes you survive
No rages and waves you encounter
Fish and runt over yourselves

people said that our land is paradise land
stick of rock and soil change be plants
people said that our land is paradise land
stick of rock and soil change be plants

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