Facts Know About Jakarta Puncak Bandung

Facts Know About Jakarta Puncak Bandung


Facts Know About Jakarta Puncak Bandung. Indonesia tourism capital, Jakarta is its center of culture, finance, and politics.

Set up in the 14th century, has a rich cultural history. And it’s a city of interesting change, with the place’s happy tourists.

His strong dealings with his historical private roots and the growth center of Indonesia.

The common nature of Jakarta includes crowds.

Jakarta is a town with an innovative, standard comparison.

A beautiful collection of pictures, cultures, Dutch and Islamic effects.

From the old Dutch houses in West Jakarta and North Jakarta and the  Chinese temples.

Harbors to South Jakarta’s high rise shops and business centers.

Therefore, the city has something for every traveler. With sports like deep-sea diving, and the presence of marine parks.

With a wide range of activities and the excellent nightlife in all South-East Asia. Jakarta is an experience for a culturally interesting and exciting tourist.


Humans from Jakarta spend their weekend and on public holidays from the heat. And it is busy streets of the capital of Indonesia tourism.

It takes about three hours of force from Bandung. Puncak’s place was the top vacation for a long time.

Therefore, it a retreat for the capital city’s Indonesian people. The cool, fresh air and the beautiful view offer a clean and peaceful feeling.

Within the afternoon, sunsets from the top of the bypass can be pretty beautiful.

I think Puncak is one of the most interesting locations in the State of West  Java.

Its miles position in the south of Jakarta and reaches through an hour journey.

I am familiar with the fresh air and beautiful beaches in the surrounding area.


Flower town is some other call for this town because in historic. For instances, the town considers the many trees and flora that grow there.

Further, Bandung changed into before additionally referred to as Paris van Java. I call it because of its beauty.

To look after Bandung’s interesting data, you can see the following.

mark as tourism Indonesia

Europe can also have a town of Paris as a style center. Yet, Bandung is a town and fashion paradise in Indonesia.

With Bandung’s many famous style goods discussing it. There are masses of local brands.

That is preparing to play in national and global markets. That’s why we also know Paris van Java as Bandung. Because Paris is a fashion city in the sector.

In the meantime, Bandung is a style city in Java. Flower City is some other name for this city because in historic times. 

In conclusion, the city, with the many timber and flowers, is lovely.

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