Athens and Santorini Holiday Packages

December 23, 2019
Greece Tour Packages
Athens and Santorini Holiday Packages
Athens and Santorini Holiday Packages

Athens and Santorini Holiday Packages: As awkward as it is, I generally think I will reach Greece for years down the street. Perhaps for the Athens and Santorini holiday packages. What could be finer than sitting at the sunset over the popular view of Santorini’s caldera? Way to price range flights and easy Airbnb/hostels. My bucket list was running quicker than I could have expected. The factor is that the price range of travel is not a question of scribbling on practice. Clearly, it’s about valuing what kind of tests. You’re trying for in Athens and Santorini Holiday Packages.

Athens/Santorini Holiday Packages

Athens Mykonos and Santorini Tour: The metro gadget is very handy. Even if you remain inside the Acropolis or Syntagma city. All the main attractions are within walking distance. Metro tickets cost €1.40 for 90 minutes ( how to travel athens? ). So, don’t forget to confirm them on machines near the gantry or risk a big one!

Athens and Santorini Holiday Packages

The thing to do in Athens


Possibly the most famous symbol of Athens. However, You could spot the famous Parthenon columns on the top of a huge flat rock from anywhere in the city. Apart from the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena is the Theater of Dionysus. And the fully restored Odeon of Herod Atticus. So, it is a stone theater that stages both Greek and outside events, with others — October.

Historic Agora review shortly

Athens Mykonos Santorini tour packages from India! You might have uncovered a pair of fully restored ancient buildings.
The first one you’ll actually see is the Attaloss Stoa.

  • Now houses the museum of historic Agora with clay,
  • Bronze and glass gadgets,
  • Sculptures, coins
  • As well as inscriptions from the 7th to the fifth century BC.

Besides, the Temple of Hephaestus is the other structure of the ancient Agora. That has been turned into reconstructed from the ground up.

Temple of Zeus

Even though the status of a lot less than 15 columns remains. Additionally, it’s assumed that there were 104 of them once. And you may still be able to consider how wonderful this temple was in its true light.


However, the web page dates back to 3000BC. Yet then it was turned straight into a burial floor back to the 6th century A.D. Keramikos had a really big museum, which I believe we liked more than the Acropolis Building. The Lyceum, even though there aren’t a lot of lefts. It was one of the most important sites in Greek history. Wherein the greatest philosophers (Socrates, Plata, and Aristotle) once taught. A quick walk from the Temple of Zeus is the Panathenaic Stadium. Right here, the 2004 Athens Olympics took place.

How to get to Santorini from Athens

How to get to Santorini Greece? Right here, the cheapest way to get Santorini from Athens. In Santorini, we picked up an Airbnb in Firostefanie, a 10-minute walk from the main town of Fira. It was close enough to the main square but far enough to have our privacy on the wall. The space was genuinely clean and comfortable, no question a price for energy! Additionally, host Odesseys even rents out ATVs at an amazing rate; Besides, we’ve been working quite a lot to be sure.

How to get to Santorini Greece? Athens and Santorini Holiday Packages

You may discover an extensive range of fairly inexpensive food in the square of Fira. But we determined to skip that and head for some wine tasting. The most hooked up one within the area is Santos winery. You can book winery tours with them (on-line best). However, if you’re simply looking to try out the wines. You may order a set of 6, 12 or 18 snacks along with the “Santorini“ plate of Greek cheese olives, and breadsticks.

Skaros Rock: Everybody battles for a place in Oia at all times of sunset. Besides, this became our favorite sunset spot.

Santorini Yachting membership | How do you get to island hopping in Greece?

How to get to Santorini by boat? At the end of the day, we didn’t get to sign up for a trip, as we handiest took into account. It was on our last day, and it turned into fully booked out. If you’re up for it, though, the Santorini Yachting membership has a five-hour day tour. You’re drifting in the caldera to the waters, the Venetian lighthouse, and the white-sand seaside. In which you will have a BBQ for lunch with loose waft area wines and beers. The maximum value for cash is a birthday party boat that caters to 55 people. This ends at 10 a.m. and returns to Ammoudi Bay at 3 p.m. for €85. You can get a €5-10 discount in case you get in on digital waves. Additionally, there are shops along Ammoudi Bay, Fira, Firostefanie and Imerovigli.

Back From The Cruise | Athens and Santorini Holiday Packages

While you’re back from the cruise, you’re more likely to have a trip back to your accommodation. Take a lookout for a few cliffs coming out of this wall. Moving through the sea at the harbor, step to the left — beyond the restaurants on the cliffs. And because you’re in Oia, take some time to wander the thrilling streets. Until you discover the remains of a historic Byzantine castle in Oia. All of us come here for at least 1 sundown so be prepared to fight with the masses or come here early to hold a great spot. Particularly if you’re planning a time-lapse film.

Akrotiri and Thera | How to travel Athens, Mykonos and Santorini Tour?

There’s a combination pass that you should order for €14 (half for students). That gives you access to five of the kind museums and archaeological sites such as Akrotiri and Thera. I developed a historic site into a volcanic eruption in the 1627 BC. Besides, the path of volcanic ash has protected many artifacts and works of art. Nearly 5 minutes away from Akrotiri’s iconic site is the well-known red seashore. You’ve had to paddle out a little to get deeper lakes, and you’re always packed by the day. On the other side of the island, travel to the archeological website of Thera in Kamari. Additionally, Kamari also has a community of resorts and a beach to lay back and relax.

Lower back to Athens | Athens and Santorini Holiday Packages

Athens to Santorini ferry blue star! We took the 6:45 am ferry using Blue Star Ferries and arrived around 3 pm. But if you’d like to relax on the last day of your stay in Santorini. There is another ferry across the same road to Hellenic Seaways departing at 12:30 p.m. and arrival at 9:30 p.m. This time we chose the Airbnb from the National Archaeological Museum!

The Golux Tour offers, too,

  • Athens to Santorini ferry,
  • Athens to Mykonos fast ferry,
  • Ferry from Athens to Santorini.

Eventually, learn more about the Athens Santorini tour package,  then press Golux International.

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