An Istanbul tour can boost your profit!

An Istanbul tour can boost your profit!

 An Istanbul tour can boost your profit! Not just with its sunny beaches anymore.

However, Turkey also has wintered heaven in winter, with a hot climate and high-quality hotels.

Over the years, Turkey has become a hot place for ski lovers with :

  • the exceptional Istanbul ski resort,
  • opportunities for ski instructions,
  • top-notch accommodations and beautiful nature.

If you want to experience the first-rate holiday of coldness. Meanwhile,  here is your guide to Turkey’s great ski motels. 

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Uludag Ski hotel-Istanbul tour can boost your profit!

I locate mountain Uludag in Bursa, Turkey. Therefore, it’s one of Turkey’s highest hills and an old volcano.

Making it the most exciting winter sports hotel and trekking destination. I used Uludag as a shrine for Christian monks and during the Ottoman in historic times.

They got ice from the hill and went to the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul given the loss of refrigerators. An Istanbul tour can boost your profit!

Uludag has it all because the forests and hills are lovely.

And also perfect hostels for winter sports where you can practice snowboarding, skiing. And enjoy delicious meals at the top of the mountain.

Uludag has tons of tracks that make it best for everyone because it has a particular quality amount.

Always use tele skiing and renting facilities for about 5 Euros per day. An Istanbul tour can boost your profit!

Kartepe Ski motel

Only one hundred and twenty kilometers from Istanbul. Kartepe is hosting crowds of icy tourists.

This ski hotel is right after the Sapanca Lake. And making it very interesting for many individuals.

With the help of carrying, cable car, and tele ski. As a result, you can reach the high point of the hill in the best 20 minutes.

You can relax on the satisfying five popular person resorts in December and March. After taking part in the 12 unique tracks. 

In short, Kartalkaya Ski inn

Kartalkaya Ski Lodge is an excellent location for snowboarding. It is not too far from Turkey. That is to say, an Istanbul tour can boost your profit!

In exclusive difficulty ranges, hence, you can also enjoy 21 tracks.

Right here, the snow grade reaches a few meters every 12 months. Therefore, making it so enjoyable for lots of ski lovers.

Not that simple, this hotel has a special route built according to EU standards.  An Istanbul tour can boost your profit!

In half an hour, you can also reach the city center to enjoy traditional food right here.

Erciyes Ski hotel- Istanbul tour can boost your profit!

Erciyes is an old volcanic mountain in Kayseri, Turkey. It is also the fifth-largest mountain in Turkey with a 3916-meter peak.

Near to the city center now, Erciyes Ski Resort has 32 paths with different difficulty levels. And also the longest ski slope in Turkey.

Over the course of December-March. You could experience every coldness sports activity right here. 

In conclusion, to learn more information on the Istanbul ski tour, click here.

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