Amazing truth facing Sighnaghi

Amazing truth facing Sighnaghi

August 17, 2019
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Amazing truth facing Sighnaghi. The sun went out here until we left, and the walk was nice and heat.

It has been clearer these days, furthermore. We enjoyed watching the hills spill over the clouds.

Amazing truth facing Sighnaghi in Georgia

We find a big town as a village but then accepted by the manner of a king (King Hericlias II?) in the 18th century.

He constructs a fort with surrounding walls. I can see whose remains on the mountain surrounding it. Amazing truth facing Sighnaghi.

Additionally, he also moves merchants to the city to exchange behavior. Since it’s far in the wine-developing place middle. Travelers and weddings are popular.

Sighnaghi things to do

Inside the ancient style, here’s a new church. There is also a mineral spring with powers of regeneration. Ultimately, the sisters communicate to help the church in bookmaking and needlework.

We visited the shop that had two cute things. Mostly, positioning and viewing, but we are famous too. Amazing truth facing Sighnaghi.

 We had about an hour’s drive from there to the Chavchavadze family farm.

They were princes, the great of Russia connected socially to Catherine’s palace.

With the help of Alexander, who was born in Russia and had not returned to Georgia until he was 13, the property set up.

He becomes a poet, but among the tourists to the land, there were Pushkin and Dumas. 

He sounds like he’s become an exciting man or woman, full of differences.

But also became a Georgian politician who took part in a rally against Russian rule.

Through the emperor, it transformed him into other forgiveness. And then sent to fight the kingdoms of the North Caucasus. To taste the well-known Tsinandali wine, we also visited the cellar.

It’s an ECU-fashion white wine for the larger Georgian tannin acid-fashion wine. There are a good large bar and a good waiter in the cellar.

We also came into the non-public eating room. Alongside the stone partitions with muddy bottles. Amazing truth facing Sighnaghi.

You can think of sitting on a cold night, a fireplace in the chimney, red wine, and more social discussions. This time extra honest and deep. 

We will spend the rest of the afternoon in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Georgia directions

We took the mountain bypass (Gombori bypass, over 1800 m). And so, beginning with the open forest and finishing over a mountain along hilly fields. Amazing truth facing Sighnaghi.

We should see the rest of an old place on a hillside. We stopped for the point of view at the edge of the skip. Then down, back, into Tbilisi’s plains.

I’m no longer hopeful about what I’ve been expecting from Tbilisi, but not that.

The town is in a valley of a horseshoe, full of trees on three sides.

A river runs through it; There is a huge wall on one side with large homes and hotels.

The old city has some lovely houses with the area’s normal wooden balconies, but it also runs down a little. Still, it’s lovely with the river setting. 

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