Cairo Alexandria Trip

Cairo Alexandria Trip

Cairo Alexandria Trip. A trip to the herbal beach, lovely sandy beaches, historic, beaches, and food.  You can find it while visiting the city of Alexandria. Look at this list of locations close to the Cairo and Alexandria tour. Thus, start planning your next tour. 

Trip in Cairo, Alexandria Egypt

Wadi El Natrun

In early Egypt, Natrun’s heart was lakes in Wadi El Natrun. A chemical used by the Pharaohs to preserve. In the western desert between Cairo and Alexandria. We give the Valley of Wadi El Natrun with a group of lakes, Christian churches, birds and much more. Wadi El Natrun takes the nature of hope, love, and spirituality. 

El Alamein, Cairo to Alexandria Trip

As soon as the field of the Second International War begins. El Alamein has a strong history of fighting. The gate city followed the main success of the Allies in the North African operations. About 80 thousand population, German, and Italian soldiers were killed in El Alamein.

El Alamein has cut away as a potion for tourists who are looking for a step into the past. Therefore, the city is house to thousands of deaths soldiers who have lost their times in fights. 

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Cairo Alexandria Trip, Important Points To Show

Pyramids OF Saqqara in short

Pyramids are the building surprises of Egypt and a huge collection of history. Built as tombs for the Pharaohs, the pyramids must end up a focal point for tourists. A burial ground that worked as a graveyard for the main capital city of old Memphis.

Meanwhile, we observed the form of the first-ever pyramid. Saqqara, known as the pyramid of Djoser. However, they have changed it into a UNESCO World Heritage Site with healing practices.

We have now observed a mummification plant through a collection of scientists. Along with five bodies and their jeweled boxes. Making it one of the most exciting places near Alexandria. 

Bahariya Oasis – Cairo Alexandria Tour

The Bahariya Oasis attracted the tourist’s attention to the stories of beautiful archeological finds. It travels the island with its beautiful setting of date fingers. Likewise,  there are quite natural sources on the  “Alexandria  Trip in Cairo.”

Which could be nothing but a chance with eyes and reframes that have checked Bahariya Oasis? Bahariya Oasis is one of the fun places to go near Alexandria. Therefore, it reframes spell hills, forest tents, driving, hot and slow springs. In other words, it makes Bahariya Oasis heaven for holiday lovers. 

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